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Handmade wooden rune sets, tarot bags and more [Jul. 9th, 2004|03:31 pm]

Handmade wooden rune sets...
also tarot bags, jewelry and more.
Been posting the following for C. trying to drum up some sales, if anyone can do me a favor and pass this along.
The rune sets are awesome, cedar, hand carved and the bags are handmade.

Am posting this for a friend, he has just put a lot of handmade wooden rune sets on line and some really nice tarot bags.
Feel free to look.
Later he will be putting up some neclaces, some runes, some totem animals, some just positively beautiful wood and wire work necklaces.
Thanks guys.

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Hi, can any of you good people help? [May. 25th, 2004|01:36 pm]

Rich mentioned that you were up for monstering/crewing sometimes....Any of you free 11th-13th June?
I've already conned Rich into going :)

Trish :)

Reposted from http://www.pagga.net

Grand Design - Crew Urgently Wanted!


Hello all,

Well, we've got ... enough crew for the next event. But enough could always be more! So, I'm putting the begging bowl out and asking for anybody who would like to come and crew for us to do the decent thing and send a booking form.

Lots of people have indicated that they'd like to come or have friends who would like to help. This is all splendid but, unless we get a form from them, it's of no use to us. This weekend the player packs go out and then we start to assign some of the juicier NPC roles to those who have booked.


Q) When and where is it?
A) Friday 11th June to Sunday 13th June; Robin Hood Scout Camp between Nottingham and Mansfield

Q) What will it cost?
A) New members will need to pay £5-00 to join GD, for members it is free

Q) Camping?
A) Afraid so - there're only a few buildings at the site and they will be used for GDHQ and for IC purposes.

Q) Can I just turn up on the day?
A) Absolutely not - our insurance demands that we have signatures on forms in advance.

Q) Can I book online?
A) Unfortunately not - we're not that high-tech, I'm afraid.

Q) Do we get free beer and pretzels?
A) Sort of ... we'll provide snacks and the like to keep your caffeine and sugar levels high.

Q) What sort of roles are available for crew?
A) Everything from important diplomats to raving maniacs to sturdy guards to multi-hit monstrosities intended to provide a lovely fight for the players. BUT! Almost every single NPC role that we provide has a written brief and they all have a personality. No endless waves of goblins. This is a role-playing game, after all. Many of our crew have said that they have as much fun crewing for GD as they do playing.

Q) How do I book?
A) Go here ... http://www.granddesign.org.uk/topla...bookingform.pdf ... and print it out. Fill in the portions relating to you the player (page 1) - no character details required as you'll be crewing. Then sign it, attach £5-00 if necessary and put it in the post to the address at the bottom of the form.

Q) When does booking close.
A) Booking officially closes on 1st June - that's a week from today. We *may* be able to accept a couple after that date but don't take the p*ss. We will accept forms after the 1st only at our discretion and if we have the time - there's only a handful of us and we're very busy with event organisation.

Q) How many crew do you want?
A) Lots. I believe, as of the time of writing, we have space for about 30 more crew. If we can hit this number, it would be splendid. It will massively enhance the atmosphere of the event for both players and crew and will mean that we can really get across the kind of look and feel that we're hoping for.

Q) I have other questions ...
A) Send them to info@granddesign.org.uk - we'll answer them as quickly as we can.

Thanks a lot for those who have already booked and those that are already doing their best to recruit for us.

Morgan Nash
for Grand Design LRP
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(no subject) [May. 24th, 2004|11:28 pm]

[mood |surprisedsurprised]

I take it this isn't a journal for:

The North East Linear Larp system also called Midgard?
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(no subject) [Apr. 28th, 2004|07:04 pm]

'Allo lads, Webcomics? Check these out :)

Elf only Inn


Dork tower
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